The English Lady (MTB 203)

Yeah, I know! The belt is fantastic, right?! :D Remember how English ladies used to put on corsets to maintain their curvy figure? Now, you can maintain yours too by wearing it as a belt! Awesome! :D

This dress fits snuggly on the body, emphasizing sexy curves everywhere! The corset-like belt adds depth. Passion. Drama. Floral motifs enchanted the overall look, giving it a romantic feel The arms are designed with flares at each end, with very beautiful embroidery motifs. Attending a tea party? The annual college dinner? The best girlfriend birthday bash? You name it, you got it. 

Try this out with leggings or skinny jeans with big retro earrings. Wear it with a high-waisted skirt and strappy high heels to increase the Punch Factor. Makeup? Keep it light with a splash of gold and orange at the edge..Waahhh..Mammamia! :D

(The embroidery at the end of the dress is white)

(The embroidery at the end of the dress is in beige)

Code: MTB 203

Price : RM 39
Color :Beige (Sold), White (Sold)
Size : Free size (Fits XS-S)
Material : Lace Cotton with Satin Lining
Remark : Dual Tone, Beautiful embroideries, Corset-like belt is included

Wild Kimono (MTB 202)

Animal prints on kimono? BEAUTIFUL! :D This new collection provides you a wild Japanese inspired chiffon top, with a simple ribbon belt to soften the look. The top comes in two colours: Blue black and brown for you to show it off around.

Put your hair up, and make it look a little messy. Sizzlingggggg sexayy~ Rawr.

Wild Brown

Roaring Black

Code: MTB 202

Price : RM 39
Status : Available, Restockable
Color : Black, Brown
Size : Free size (Fits XS-L)
Material : Soft chiffon with lining
Remark : Flowy material.Ribbon belt is included

Beaded Lace Top (MTB 201)

Remember out best selling 'Pretty Lace Jacket' and 'Beaded Top'? Now, we would like to present you, their hybrid!

1. Lace, 2. Neatly beaded neck line, 3. Puffed shoulder. PERFECT. Available in easily matched pastel colours: White and Beige. A MUST HAVE!

You can wear it anyhwere, in any way you like, with jeans, legging or even a skirt. Top it of with a touch of Summer tone make up and a sexy high heels. Trust me, you will look AMAZING!



Code: MTB 201

Price : RM 29
Status : Restockable
Color : Baige (Sold) , White (Sold)
Size : Free size (Fits XS-M)(shoulder to shoulder : 38cm)
Material : Lace with inner satin 
Remark : Neat pearly beaded neck line, snuggle onto your body but very forgiving, puffed shoulder.

We Are Back!

Hi ladies and..err..maybe (guys?)..WE ARE BACK!
Oh we are so sorry for the longgg hiatus..we were having our long awaited holiday and we had one week of it overseas. So..go figure..ofcoz we did not bring our laptops along right? Hehe..

But hey!
We are back now and we are not going to do it empty handed :)
We will update the blog with new cute, adorable, hot and ofcoz AFFORDABLE lines of outfits for all of you thirsty shopaholic out there.

Wait and see.


Miss Berrykin

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Ol' Skool Chick

Electrifying Blue


Pearly White

Price : RM 39
Status : Available, Restockable
Color : Blue, White
Size : Free size (Fits XS-M)
Material : Lace with inner satin
Remark : can be worn with or without belt, stretchable ribbon belt provided, fashionable blossom bottom

Pretty Lace Cotton Jacket

If you think lace is so outdated and should only be found in your mum's closet, think again...This super cool, new design puffed shoulder lace cardigan, with a hint of innocence and a whole lot of hotness, is totally 'in' ladies! Grab this fast, and start noticing how heads turn to look at you! wow wow wee~

Innocent White 


Sexy Black

Price : RM 39
Status : Available, Restockable
Color : White (Sold), Black (Sold)
Size : Free size (Fits XS-M)
Material : Quality cotton lace
Remark: Fashionable buttons at the front, puff shoulder

Vintage Flower Dress

Glamour Black

Cotton Candy Pink

Price : RM 39
Status : Available, Restockable
Color : Black, Soft pink
Size : Free size (Fits XS-L)
Material : Thick cotton, velvety feel
Remarks : Pretty details at the hem

Girly Girl Glamour

You think your life is just a little bit too dull? Want to prove that you are a glamorous girl instead? Try this on, and make your life spicyyyyy!
With a collection of black and white, it can be match up with any accessories of your choice.

Bewitching Black

Snow White

Price : RM 39
Status : Available, Restockable
Color : Black, White
Size : Free size (Fits XS-L)
Material : Quality lace with soft cotton lining
Remark : Pretty details all over with layered at the hem, lovely roses pattern embossed on the neck line, diamante belt not included, dress length can be adjusted

Retro Vintage Dress

Wine Red

Price : RM 39
Status : Available, Restockable
Color : Red, Silver
Size : Free size (Fits XS-M)
Material : Quality lace with inner satin
Remark : Free diamante belt 

Gorgeous Bead Dress

Electrifying Blue

Sterling Grey

Price : RM 29
Status : Available, Restockable
Color : Blue (Sold Out),Grey (Sold Out)
Size : Free size (Fits XS-L)
Material : Quality Cotton
Remark : Beautiful bead details at the neckline